About DOE's Marine and Hydrokinetic Data Repository

The MHKDR is the repository for all data collected using funds from the Water Power Technologies Office of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The goal of the MHKDR

  • Enable an easy data upload process to help with reporting requirements
  • Provide a curation process to allow internal data experts to help evaluate the quality of the data
  • Keep secure data secure (based on moratorium dates)
  • Securely share data with DOE and partner laboratories
  • Openly share data with the public

Stay tuned! We are developing content models to help structure the data submitted. As we begin to release these content models, we will post them to this website. Data submitters will be encouraged to utilize these Excel-based spreadsheets when submitting data whenever possible. Data and documents not fitting a content model structure will also be accepted (files such as Word, Excel, CSV, XML, RDF, JSON, PDF, PPT, image files, and other file types).

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