Turbine Depth Optimization Study, Admiralty Inlet, WA

The zipped file contains a directory of data and routines used in the NNMREC turbine depth optimization study (Kawase et al., 2011), and calculation results thereof. For further info, please contact Mitsuhiro Kawase at kawase@uw.edu.
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DOE Project Name: Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center
DOE Project Number: GO18179
DOE Project Lead: Jim Ahlgrimm
DOI: 10.15473/1287271
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from November, 2009
Submitted Jun 8, 2016

University of Washington



Mitsuhiro Kawase
University of Washington
Patricia Beba
University of Washington
Brian C. Fabien
University of Washington


MHK, Admiralty Inlet, Water velocity, Turbine power output, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, NNMREC, depth optimization, turbine depth data, calculation results, capacity contour, optimize, depth, power density, matlab, average power, capacity factor, average speed, area, profile, power law, tide period, rated speed, rated power, barotropic, pressure, snohomish, sst, Sound and Sea Technology, hub height, turbine, data, routines, procedure, calculations, tidal, in-stream, Washington, WA, code, technical report, technology


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