ALFA Oscillating Water Column Device Testing


Data from Phase 1 testing of a single ALFA Oscillating Water Column (OWC) device at the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory (HWRL) at Oregon State University in Fall of 2016. Contains two zip files of raw data, one of project data, and a diagram of the device with dimensions. A "readme" file in the project data archive under "Docs" explains the project data.

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Additional Info

DOE Project Name: Advanced Laboratory and Field Arrays (ALFA) for Marine Energy
DOE Project Number: EE0006816
DOE Project Lead: Alison LaBonte
DOI: 10.15473/1439868
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Data from November, 2016
Submitted Nov 18, 2016


Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center



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Bret Bosma
Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, OWC, ALFA, HWRL, Oregon State University, NNMREC, field arrays, test data, phase 1, lab test, Simulink, Setra, Model, orifice, setup, logs, data, planning, references, oscillating, water, column, tank, test, testing, wave, technology, oscillating water column, WEC, raw data, Matlab, CAD, drawing, lab data, Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory


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