Advanced TidGen Power System - Material Characterization Program


The TidGen Power System generates emission-free electricity from tidal currents and connects directly into existing grids using smart grid technology. The power system consists of three major subsystems: shore-side power electronics, mooring system, and turbine generator unit (TGU) device.

This submission includes the test report on the characterization program composite testing and the selected composite structure. ORPC arranged coupon testing of candidate material sets as part of a larger characterization program. The goal of this testing was to down select the candidate material sets and determine failure mechanisms. This was done by testing both dry and saturated material sets and examining the effects of moisture uptake of the coupons mechanical properties. Due to the limitations of this program we were limited to static tensile testing is longitudinal and transverse directions as well as limited tensile fatigue testing with a loading of R=0.1 (tension - tension). This program did however, allow for a larger spread of material sets including a novel hydrophobic resin that was promoted to resist water uptake, optimized for subsea applications.

Also included is a technical report on the characterization program, including composite test data, design FMEA for composite structure, material selection, composite design, PFMEA for the composite production process, reliability models, production process control plan and development plan. Materials for Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK) devices need to be evaluated before being utilized on a device with a service life of 20 years. For this reason, and the fact that ORPCs turbines are a complex manufacturing challenge, a composite optimization program is conducted. This program looked at novel material sets, production processes and developed tools to evaluate manufacturing defects and characterize their effect on structural performance over an extended operating time. This report will cover the work done during Budget Period 1 for Task 2 of the Advanced TidGen Power System Project.

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DOE Project Number: EE0007820
DOE Project Lead: Tim Ramsey
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Data from June, 2018
Submitted Jun 14, 2018


Ocean Renewable Power Company



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Cian Marnagh
Ocean Renewable Power Company
Jarlath McEntee
Ocean Renewable Power Company


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, cross-flow turbine, composites, testing, tidal current, orpc, material testing, composite characterization, material, composite, characterization, selection, set, tidal, current, TidGen, technology, tidal power, FMEA, failure modes and effects analysis, reliability model, composite design, materials, technical report, test report, development plan, control plan, ocean, smart grid, cross flow turbine, CEC, reliability


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