Advanced TidGen Power System - LCOE Calculations and System Overview


The TidGen Power System generates emission-free electricity from tidal currents and connects directly into existing grids using smart grid technology. The power system consists of three major subsystems: shore-side power electronics, mooring system, and turbine generator unit (TGU) device.

This submission includes the Advanced TidGen cost and cost of energy metrics after critical design review for BP1, and a complete LCOE content model and LCOE reporting according to DOE guidance for the baseline system and the system with advanced technology integrated. A revised LCOE content model is also included, with more relevant market array assumptions.

Additionally, this submission includes a complete system overview and component overview content models. The LCOE Content Model provides data submitters with an easy and consistent means of uploading data that can be used to calculate the levelized cost of energy for MHK devices.

Data represents the design completed for the Critical Design Review conducted at ORPC in December, 2017. All values are for a single device. Note that with substantial fixed costs, larger arrays will greatly reduce LCOE. For an array in Admiralty Inlet producing 136,000 MWh, 270 devices with an array CAPEX of $540,260,052 and an array OPEX of $39,959,207 would result in an LCOE of $722/MWh.

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DOE Project Number: EE0007820
DOE Project Lead: Tim Ramsey
DOI: 10.15473/1492964
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from June, 2018
Submitted Jun 14, 2018


Ocean Renewable Power Company



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Cian Marnagh
Ocean Renewable Power Company
Jarlath McEntee
Ocean Renewable Power Company


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