Net Shape Fabricated Low Cost MHK Pass-Through the Hub Turbine Blades with Integrated Health Management Technology


The primary objective of this project is to develop a three-blade MHK rotor with low manufacturing and maintenance costs. The proposed program will design, fabricate and test a novel half-scale low cost, net shape fabricated single piece three-blade MHK rotor with integrated health management technology to demonstrate significant Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditures (OPEX) cost reductions due to the novel design and manufacturing process.
The proposed project is divided into three major tasks:

Task 1: Single Piece Three-blade Kinetic Hydropower System (KHPS) Rotor Full-Scale and Half-Scale Design;
Task 2: Composite Manufacturing Trials and Half-Scale Prototype Rotor Fabrication; and
Task 3: Material Characterization and Half-Scale Prototype Test and Evaluation.

These three tasks include design and analysis of full-scale and half-scale three-blade rotor prototypes using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite-element analysis (FEA), demonstration of a novel half-scale net shape fabrication process, determination of a fatigue threshold composite strain allowable, three-blade rotor mold design, manufacture of half-scale rotor clam shell mold, three-blade rotor test fixture design and fabrication, development of final manufacturing and test plans, manufacture of the half-scale net shape composite single blade and three-blade prototypes, and test and evaluation of the half-scale rotor.

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DOE Project Name: EE0007176.000 Net Shape Fabricated Low Cost MHK Pass-Through the Hub Turbine Blades with Integrated Health Management Technology
DOE Project Number: EE0007176
DOE Project Lead: Yana Shininger
DOI: 10.15473/1643941
Last Updated: a year ago
Data from February, 2016
Submitted Jul 23, 2020


ARL Penn State



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Dennis Wess
ARL Penn State


Hydrokinetic, Composite Materials, Threshold Fatigue, Net Shape Fabrication, Test and Evaluation, Verdant Power, Gen5d, axial flow turbine, CEC, CFD, CAPEX, OPEX, economics, OVER-REL, FEA, CAD, fatigue test, rotor, three-blade, RITE, ADV, flow, visualization, FAST, simulation, modeling, strain, stress, fabrication, as-fabricated, KHPS, health management, VP, Kinetic Hydropower System, steady-state, transient


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