WEC Controls Optimization Final Report


The over-arching project objective is to fully develop and validate optimal controls frameworks that can subsequently be applied widely to different WEC devices and concepts. Optimal controls of WEC devices represent a fundamental building block for WEC designers that must be considered as an integral part of every stage of device development. Using a building-blocks approach to optimal controls development, this effort will result in the full development of a feed-forward and feed-back control approach and a wave prediction system.

Phase I focused primarily on numerical offline optimization and validation using wave tank testing of three industry partners? WEC devices, including CalWave, Ocean Energy, and Resolute Marine Energy. These industry partnerships allowed us to identify optimal control strategies for these different WEC topologies at different maturity levels. Phase II focused on demonstrating an integrated control system on a custom-built prototype for at-sea testing. A secondary focus during phase II is to adapt our systems identification, controls and wave-prediction frameworks to become more robust and comprehensive in respect to capability, robustness, and reliability. RE Vision Consulting leads this project and has compiled the final public domain report included in this submission.

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DOE Project Name: Development of Optimal Control System for Three Different WEC Devices
DOE Project Number: EE0007173
DOE Project Lead: William McShane
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Data from August, 2020
Submitted Aug 26, 2020


Re Vision Consulting



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Mirko Previsic
Re Vision Consulting
Anantha Karthikeyan
Re Vision Consulting


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, wave, model predictive control, MPC, causal control, feedback control, controls optimization, WEC, open water, at-sea, feed-forward, feed-back, control, cost assessment, economics, wave-prediction error, heaving, point absorber buoy, LabVIEW, Resolute Marine Energy, Ocean Energy, Oregon State University, Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, PTO, Power take-off, sensitivity, surge converter, techno-economic, in-ocean test


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