Triton-C WEC Detailed System Design Package


The Detailed System Design Package for the Triton-C WEC, including a report and CAD drawings pertaining to the overall preliminary design, system arrangement, surface float hull, and surface float arrangement.

D6 presents an overview of the final detailed design package for the Triton-C wave energy converter. A number of accompanying documents (D11) are provided for more detail on individual systems and subsystems. Each of these documents presents specific engineering documentation and drawings. Taken as a whole, these documents should provide a complete and comprehensive guide to the final design and construction of the Oscilla Power Triton-C WEC Prototype.

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DOE Project Name: Demonstration of an Advanced Multi-Mode Point Absorber for Wave Energy Conversion
DOE Project Number: EE0007819
DOE Project Lead: William McShane
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Data from November, 2020
Submitted Nov 2, 2020


Oscilla Power, Inc.


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All Resources Available Nov 3, 2025


Kate Stinson
Oscilla Power Inc.
Tim Mundon
Oscilla Power Inc.
Andrew Gill
Oscilla Power Inc.
Brian Rosenberg
Oscilla Power Inc.
Anna Edwards
Oscilla Power Inc.


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