Tidal Energy Site Characterization East Forelands Alaska


During the summer field season in 2012, Benthic GeoScience Inc. (Benthic) mobilized under contract with Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) in order to conduct precise geospatial measurements of the seafloor accomplishing a preliminary Site Characterization Study for the ORPC East Forelands Tidal Energy Power Project. This study included a high-density bathymetric survey, acoustic reflective intensity imagery, and an assessment of the physical character of the ORPC East Forelands Tidal Energy Power Project environment. The Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) survey included a large area surrounding the East Forelands of Cook Inlet in the vicinity of Nikiski, Alaska. Included in this submission are the report for the East Forelands Site Characterization Study and the accompanying data from the survey as described below.

The digital deliverables from this effort include:
- Comprehensive Site Characterization Report (Format: PDF, Ver. 1.1, March 2013)
- Comprehensive 3D Fledermaus Presentation (Format: SCENE, Ver. 1.1, March 2013)
- Bathymetric Surface (Format: ASCVer. 1, March 2013)
- Slope Gradient Surface (Format: ASCVer. 1, March 2013)
- Comprehensive Acoustic Intensity Image (Format: TIF/TWFVer. 1, March 2013)
- Geologic Seafloor Interpretation Surface (Format: ASCVer. 1.0, March 2013)
- Comprehensive Google Earth Presentation (Format: KMZVer. 1.1, March 2013)

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DOE Project Name: Model Validation and Site Characterization
DOE Project Number: FY18 AOP
DOE Project Lead: Steven DeWitt
DOI: 10.15473/1780867
Last Updated: a month ago
Data from April, 2013
Submitted Apr 23, 2021


National Renewable Energy Laboratory



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Monty Worthington
ORPC Alaska


MHK, Marine, energy, Bathymetry, Acoustic Survey, East Forelands, Cook Inlet, Alaska, ORPC, Ocean Renewable Power Company, Multibeam Echosounder, Nikiski, tidal energy, site, characterization, survey, Benthic, Benthic GeoScience, acoustic, TerraSond, hydrography, navigation, geomorphology, tidal


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