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PTO (Power Take-Off) belt test and analysis report conducted under CalWave's Open Water Demonstration Award - EE0008097 - Belt Tradeoffs for Winch PTO. The report tests two types of belts: a high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) woven fiber belt and a steel cable polyurethane belt. The goal of the tests was to determine if belts could be used as an alternative to synthetic rope due to synthetic rope having poor cyclic bend over sheave (CBOS) performance. Both types of belts were mechanically tested to simulate the cycles PTO would undergo due to wave motion. The report includes the results of both tests as well as analysis of the two tests.

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DOE Project Name: CalWave Design for PacWave
DOE Project Number: EE0008097
DOE Project Lead: Yana Shininger
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Data from May, 2021
Submitted May 29, 2021


CalWave Power Technologies Inc.


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Nigel Kojimoto
CalWave Power Technologies Inc.
Thomas Boerner
CalWave Power Technologies Inc.


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, PTO, Belt, WEC, CalWave, Winch, CBOS, wave energy converters, Power Take Off, sheave, cyclic bend over sheave, HMPE, high modulus polyethylene, steel cable polyurethane, technology, material testing, material endurance testing, material, endurance, endurance testing, bend cycles, bending load, rotary power take off, woven fiber


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