Small Scale WEC Performance Modeling Data


Small Scale WEC Performance Modeling Data is performance data from downscaled models of common WEC devices and their calculated performance outputs. This data is used by the Small WEC interactive modeling tool hosted by PRIMRE. The devices include a point absorber, a two-body point absorber (RM3), an oscillating surge device (OSWEC), and an attenuator type device (McCabe Wave Pump). One of the primary use cases for this work is to give an easy way to compare power output for a variety of WECs and model sizes.

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DOE Project Name: Powering the Blue Economy Foundational Research and Development
DOE Project Number: FY21 AOP
DOE Project Lead: Heather Spence
DOI: 10.15473/1838617
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Data from November, 2021
Submitted Jan 3, 2022


National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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Tom King
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jim McNally
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nicole Taverna
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
RJ Scavo
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Scott Jenne
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jon Weers
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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