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Final report on a TEAMER study undertaken by Alden Research Laboratory for the Mono-radial turbine invented by John Clark Hanna DBA: Hanna Wave Energy Primary Drives. The study is a predictive numerical and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) report of the mentioned Hanna Mono-Radial Turbine. The device is an impulse-type mono-radial air turbine PTO for wave energy conversion. The turbine is self-rectified, meaning that it spins in one direction only while capturing the bi-directional air flows developed within an OWC (Oscillating Water Column) system.

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DOE Project Name: Hanna Self-Rectifying, Mono-Radial Impulse Turbine
DOE Project Number: EE0008895
DOE Project Lead: Carrie Noonan
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Data from March, 2022
Submitted Mar 18, 2022


Hanna Wave Energy Primary Drives



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John Hanna
Hanna Wave Energy Primary Drives


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