Tidal Turbine Test, Downeast Turbines, July 12, 2021


Downeast Turbines tested a tidal turbine prototype with novel rotor/channel system and lateral effluent discharge apparatus (LEDA), during five days of testing in the flume at Alden Lab. Three days of testing (July 12-14, 2021) focused on turbine power metrics of torque and rpm, which were low, and then two days of follow-up testing (July 27-28, 2021) focused on LEDA performance metrics of pressure differential and rates of volumetric flow, with encouraging results. Next step is to to characterize, and even optimize, configurations of the LEDA, using 3D-CFD as a helpful tool, to refine its shape and explore its limits of performance as a means of effluent discharge that augments performance of an instream turbine. An improved configuration of the LEDA will be re-combined with the rotor/channel system of the turbine prototype, and ultimately, the rotor will be re-sized (enlarged), to better match the LEDA's performance capabilities in drawing through a rate of volumetric flow.

This submission is Downeast Turbines' Post Access Report for the test event. It includes the files described here (next below), and several reference links.

"Downeast TEAMER-Post-Access-Report...docx" is a document file containing the report. "Appendices A, B, and C" are included in this file, and so are "Figures #1-7."
"Appendix D - Test Data Workbooks.zip" is an archive file containing all post access data (raw data tables, calculating tables, and graphs), presented in fourteen Excel workbooks as described in the report.
"Appendix E - Post Access Figures.zip" is an archive file containing "Figures #8-52," of the report.

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DOE Project Name: Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research
DOE Project Number: EE0008895
DOE Project Lead: Lauren Ruedy
DOI: 10.15473/1862294
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Data from March, 2022
Submitted Apr 1, 2022


Downeast Turbines



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George McBride
Downeast Turbines


marine, energy, TEAMER, MHK, hydrokinetic, power, Downeast Turbines, Downeast, lateral effluent discharge, LEDA, lateral discharge wing, wings, diffuser, fourneyron, transformation ratio, flume test, rotor/channel system, outlet velocity, tidal, turbine, instream, effluent, downstream wake, current, current energy converter, cec


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