Aquantis 2.5 MW Ocean Current Generation Device Design Details


Items in this submission provide the detailed design of the Aquantis Ocean Current Turbine and accompanying analysis documents, including preliminary designs, verification of design reports, CAD drawings of the hydrostatic drivetrain, a test plan and an operating conditions simulation report. This dataset also contains analysis trade off studies of fixed vs. variable pitch and 2 vs. 3 blades.

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DOE Project Name: Aquantis 2.5 MW Ocean Current Generation Device
DOE Project Number: EE0003643
DOE Project Lead: Tim Ramsey
DOI: 10.15473/1417292
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from June, 2015
Submitted Jun 3, 2015


Dehlsen Associates, LLC



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Rich Banko
Naval Surface Warfare Center
David Coakley
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Dana Colegrove
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Alex Fleming
Dehlsen Associates LLC
William Zierke
Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Ebner
Naval Surface Warfare Center


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, design review, drivetrain, seawater bearing, CAD, structural design, hydrostatic drivetrain, test plan, analysis report, operating conditions, blade configuration, fixed pitch, variable pitch, bill of materials, Aquantis, ocean, current, ocean current, technology, design, details, simulation, report, horizontal, axis, axial, turbine, CEC, BOM, axial flow turbine


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