University of Massachusetts Marine Renewable Energy Center Waverider Buoy Data


The compressed (.zip) file contains Datawell MK-III Directional Waverider binary and unpacked data files as well as a description of the data and manuals for the instrumentation. The data files are contained in the two directories within the zip file, "Apr_July_2012" and "Jun_Sept_2013". Time series and summary data were recorded in the buoy to binary files with extensions '.RDT' and '.SDT', respectively. These are located in the subdirectories 'Data_Raw' in each of the top-level deployment directories. '.RDT' files contain 3 days of time series (at 1.28 Hz) in 30 minute "bursts". Each '.SDT' file contains summary statistics for the month indicated computed at half-hour intervals for each burst. Each deployment directory also contains a description (in 'File.list') of the Datawell binary data files, and a figure ('Hs_vs_yearday') showing the significant wave height associated with each .RDT file (decoded from the filename). The corresponding unpacked Matlab .mat files are contained in the subdirectories 'Data_Mat'. These files have the extension '.mat' but use the root filename of the source .RDT and .SDT files.

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DOE Project Name: Marine Renewable Energy Center
DOE Project Number: EE0000299
DOE Project Lead: Alison LaBonte
DOI: 10.15473/1245829
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from October, 2015
Submitted Oct 7, 2015


University of Massachusetts



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Steven Lohrenz
University of Massachusetts


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, wave data, oceanographic, bouy data, Waverider, binary data, unpacked data, RDT, SDT, time series, Matlab, significant wave height, accelerometer data, Nantucket, Rhode Island, datawell, datalogger, data, raw, binary, resource, raw data, Nantucket Shoals, instrumentation, Martha, Vineyard, Marthas, Marine Renewable Energy Center, characterization, ocean, unpacked, spectral bandwidth, frequency, normalized height power spectrum, mean direction, directional spread, burst, geospatial data, wave height spectrum, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, buoy orientation, magnetic field inclination, accelerometer


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