Centipod WEC, Advanced Controls, Quarterly Technical Report


Quarterly Technical Report for "Advanced Controls for the Multi-pod Centipod WEC device" describing project parameters, organization, task activities, accomplishments, and conclusions. See other submissions under this DOE project for economic viability, design geometry, and modeling.

The purpose of this quarterly report is to release a progress report immediately, while the final report and remaining project items await release before the moratorium date.

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Additional Info

DOE Project Name: Advanced Controls for the Multi-pod Centipod WEC device
DOE Project Number: EE0006404
DOE Project Lead: Tim Ramsey
Last Updated: over a year ago
Data from February, 2016
Submitted Feb 16, 2016


Dehlsen Associates, LLC



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Alan McCall
Dehlsen Associates LLC


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, wave, WEC, controls, report, converter, multiple, point, absorber, technology, point absorber, technical report, levelized cost of energy, LCOE, economics, model predictive control, WaveDyn, modeling, CAD, Centipod, advanced controls, MPC, point absorber buoy, Dehlsen, multi-pod


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