FOSWEC v2: system identification and control


This report describes the testing of a model scale wave energy converter. This device, which uses two "flaps" that pivot about a central platform when excited by waves, has a natural frequency within the range of the waves by which it is excited. The primary goal of this test was to assess the degree to which previously developed modeling, experimentation, and control design methods could be applied to a broad range of wave energy converter designs. Testing was conducted to identify a dynamic model for the impedance and excitation behavior of the device. Using these models, a series of closed loop tests were conducted using a causal impedance matching controller. This report provides a brief description of the results, as well as a summary of the device and experimental design. The results show that the methods applied to this experimental device perform well and should be broadly applicable.

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DOE Project Name: WEC Co-design
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DOE Project Lead: William McShane
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Data from February, 2020
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Ryan Coe
Sandia National Laboratories
Giorgio Bacelli
Sandia National Laboratories
Dominic Forbush
Sandia National Laboratories
Steven Spencer
Sandia National Laboratories
Kevin Dullea
Sandia National Laboratories
Bret Bosma
Oregon State University
Pedro Lomonaco
Oregon State University


MHK, Marine, Hydrokinetic, energy, power, control, system identification, foswec, wave tank, flap


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